Pioneering Environmental Activism and Advocacy

Jaye Gaskia’s early career path is a testament to his unwavering commitment to championing environmental justice and social change. From his humble beginnings as a teacher to his pivotal role in shaping Nigeria’s environmental laws, Jaye Gaskia’s journey is an inspiring example of passion, dedication, and advocacy.

1988-1989: Early Beginnings at Methodist Commercial College, Sagamu, Ogun State (NYSC)

Jaye Gaskia’s career began with his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) assignment at Methodist Commercial College in Sagamu, Ogun State. This initial experience laid the foundation for his future work in education and community engagement.

1989-1991: Teaching for a Better Future in Kwara State Ministry of Education

Following his NYSC service, Jaye Gaskia served as a teacher in the Kwara State Ministry of Education. During these formative years, he dedicated himself to nurturing young minds and imparting knowledge that would shape the future of Nigeria. His time as a teacher instilled in him a profound sense of responsibility and a deep connection to the community.

1994-1997: Transitioning to Advocacy at Devine Communications Limited

In 1994, Jaye Gaskia transitioned into the field of communications, working with Devine Communications Limited. This marked a pivotal moment in his career as he began to use his skills to amplify voices for change and social justice.

1998 to 2004: Environmental Rights Action/Friends Of The Earth, Nigeria (ERA/FoEN)

Jaye Gaskia’s most transformative career phase began when he joined Environmental Rights Action/Friends Of The Earth, Nigeria (ERA/FoEN) in 1998. His tenure at ERA/FoEN showcased his exceptional leadership and commitment to environmental advocacy.

Field Worker:

As a field worker, Jaye Gaskia actively engaged with communities affected by environmental issues. His on-the-ground work allowed him to witness firsthand the devastating consequences of environmental degradation on local communities.

Head of Organization Desk (1999-2002):

During his time as Head of Organization Desk, Jaye Gaskia played a crucial role in building and sustaining relationships with civil society organizations. His collaborative efforts helped create a stronger and more unified front for environmental justice in Nigeria.

Program Manager, Democracy Outreach (2002-2004):

In his role as Program Manager, Jaye Gaskia spearheaded Democracy Outreach initiatives. He took charge of the Community Resource Centers (CRCs) supported by ERA in four communities in Rivers and Bayelsa states. These centers served as hubs for education and community empowerment.

Environmental Law Reform (2002-2004):

Jaye Gaskia’s impact extended to the realm of legislation. Between 2002 and 2004, he actively worked on a project aimed at radically reforming Nigeria’s environmental laws. His efforts contributed to the development of more robust legal frameworks for environmental protection.

EarthDay 2000 Campaign:

One of his significant achievements was managing and leading the EarthDay 2000 campaign on environmental justice in Nigeria. This campaign, commemorating the 30th anniversary of EarthDay International, involved organizing exchange visits between the Niger Delta and the Middle Belt of Nigeria. It also included lobbying with state and federal government authorities to address environmental issues.

Environmental Justice Campaign (2002-2004):

Jaye Gaskia’s dedication to environmental justice was exemplified by his involvement in the Environmental Justice Campaign from 2002 to 2004. During this period, he tirelessly advocated for equitable environmental policies and practices.


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