Paving the Way for Change as Head of Programs/Deputy Country Director at VSO Nigeria

Jaye Gaskia’s tenure as Head of Programs/Deputy Country Director at VSO Nigeria serves as an inspiring example of dedicated leadership in the field of international development. His multifaceted role required a combination of strategic thinking, program coordination, leadership, and relationship-building skills. Through his tireless efforts, he contributed significantly to VSO’s mission of creating lasting positive change in Nigeria. Jaye Gaskia’s career path serves as an inspiration to all aspiring change-makers in the world of international development.

A Seat at the Country Management Table:

Jaye Gaskia’s journey with VSO Nigeria began with his inclusion in the Country Management team, a testament to his knowledge and expertise in the field of international development. As a member of this influential group, he played an instrumental role in shaping the strategic direction of VSO’s work in Nigeria.

Leading Program Development Initiatives:

Jaye’s role as Head of Programs entailed leading and supervising program development initiatives. This task required a combination of visionary thinking, strategic planning, and hands-on execution. He displayed a keen understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing Nigeria and used this insight to design impactful programs.

Coordination Mastery:

As the coordinator of all VSO programs in Nigeria, Jaye Gaskia was at the helm of a complex operation. Ensuring that various programs ran smoothly and aligned with VSO’s mission demanded exceptional organizational and managerial skills. His ability to effectively coordinate these diverse efforts showcased his leadership prowess.

Strategic Visioning and Positioning:

In collaboration with the Country Director, Jaye played a key role in strategic visioning and positioning for VSO Nigeria. Crafting a clear and ambitious vision required foresight and the ability to anticipate future needs and trends in the sector. Jaye’s contribution to this process was instrumental in shaping the organization’s path forward.

Leadership and Deputization:

Stepping in for the Country Director during his absence is no small feat. Jaye Gaskia’s ability to deputize and act on behalf of the Country Director demonstrated a high level of trust and confidence in his leadership abilities. This responsibility speaks volumes about his competence and dedication.

Stakeholder Engagement and Representation:

Representing VSO Nigeria in stakeholder forums and other important gatherings required diplomatic finesse and a deep understanding of the organization’s mission. Jaye effectively conveyed VSO’s objectives, built relationships, and fostered partnerships that amplified the impact of their work.

Strategic Relationship Building:

Jaye Gaskia excelled not only in building external relationships with governments and stakeholders but also in nurturing strategic internal relationships within the VSO global structure. These relationships were essential for ensuring seamless cooperation and alignment of efforts across the organization.



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