The Beginning of a Career Dedicated to Conflict Resolution and Human Security: The Journey of Jaye Gaskia

In the realm of humanitarian work and conflict resolution, individuals with a deep commitment to making the world a safer and more equitable place play a pivotal role. One such individual is Jaye Gaskia, whose career has been marked by his unwavering dedication to addressing conflicts and emergencies in West Africa. From his early years at ActionAid International Nigeria to his global leadership role, Jaye Gaskia has made a significant impact on conflict transformation and human security. In this blog post, we will explore his remarkable journey and the pivotal roles he has played.

2004 to 2005: Program Advisor, Conflict and Emergencies, ActionAid International Nigeria

During his tenure as a Program Advisor at ActionAid International Nigeria, Jaye Gaskia’s responsibilities were focused on designing and launching the ‘Human Security in Conflict and Emergencies’ program. Here are some key highlights of his role:

1. Strategic Program Development: Jaye was instrumental in developing the strategic framework and program of action for the Human Security program, setting the stage for impactful interventions.

2. Community-Based Conflict Management: He conceived the concept and proposal for a ‘Community-Based Participatory Approach to Conflict Management and Peace Building in Nigeria.’ This initiative aimed to empower communities to actively engage in conflict resolution and peace-building efforts. The pilot phase of this project was initiated in Plateau state with support from the British Department for International Development (DFID).

January 2006 to May 2007: Conflict and Emergencies Advisor (West Africa), International Emergencies and Conflict Team (IECT), ActionAid International

In this role, Jaye Gaskia’s influence extended to the West Africa sub-region, where he provided crucial support to country programs. Some notable aspects of his contributions include:

1. Youth and Conflict: Recognizing the importance of addressing youth-related issues in conflict areas, Jaye played a pivotal role in developing conceptual clarity around youth and conflict. He initiated joint programming efforts focused on youth and conflict in West Africa, fostering regional cooperation.

2. Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Jaye initiated and facilitated emergent work and programming related to post-conflict reconstruction interventions in selected ActionAid International country programs across the organization.

June 2007 to March 14th, 2009: Global Conflict Advisor, International Emergencies and Conflict Team (IECT), ActionAid International

In a position of global leadership, Jaye Gaskia took on even greater responsibilities to shape ActionAid International’s approach to conflict resolution and humanitarian work. His contributions were far-reaching:

1. Coordination and Profiling: As the Global Conflict Advisor, Jaye coordinated AAI’s work in conflict-affected regions across all country programs. He played a vital role in raising the quality and scope of conflict work within the organization.

2. Conflict Analysis: Jaye led the development and communication of AAI’s conflict and political analysis, ensuring that the organization had a well-informed and strategic approach to conflict resolution.

3. Conflict Sensitivity: Recognizing the importance of conflict sensitivity, Jaye ensured that AAI’s programming was designed to be conflict-sensitive, reducing the risk of exacerbating conflicts in affected areas.

4. Capacity Building: Jaye was deeply involved in building the capacity of AAI personnel, partner staff, and communities in conflict engagement and transformation. His focus on protection programming, particularly addressing violence against women, was a testament to his commitment to inclusivity and gender-sensitive approaches.


Jaye Gaskia’s career journey is a shining example of how one individual’s dedication and expertise can have a transformative impact on the field of conflict resolution and humanitarian work. From his early days at ActionAid International Nigeria to his global role as a Conflict Advisor, Jaye’s contributions have left an indelible mark on the organization’s approach to addressing conflicts and emergencies. His commitment to human security and conflict transformation continues to inspire and drive positive change in West Africa and beyond. Jaye Gaskia’s story serves as a reminder that meaningful change is possible through unwavering dedication and a genuine passion for making the world a better place.

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